10 Essential Multipurpose Tools for Travel

10 Essential Multipurpose Tools for Travel

There is nothing better than traveling with your friends. But instead what happened, when you have no idea about traveling tools and tricks you must know. Here we have listed out 10 essential traveling tools  to get you ready for the adventure.

Travel alarm clock
When you are on the way, you need travel alarm clock to ensure that you wake up on time and work with travel schedule. There are many benefits to using a alarm clock instead of a smartphone. If you are deep sleeper you need something heavy duty like a Shouting loudly. Remember to carry extra batteries with your alarm.

Pocket knife
Keeping a pocket knife at all time allows you to easily, immediately respond to virtually any cutting task as same as self-defense. As a traveling tool pocket knife can be an indispensable and versatile tool. pocket knife works for pretty much with everything, so it has been popular among the traveling peoples. But keep in mind that local government rules and regulation on” carrying a knife in public”

Medicine box
To avoid medicine-related issues during your travel period, it is important that carry a medicine box with you. Get the enough medicines to keep you healthy and to be strong while traveling. Travelers should be well aware about the essential medicines, if not it is better to get advice from third party.

Portable Phone Charger
Suddenly your smartphone can be power off due to battery dead and no way to recharge while traveling. Portable travel charger will help you to recharge your phone and it can be use more than once. Value of the portable travel charger depend on its charging speed and capacity.

Secret Belt
This is a belt with small size pocket inside the belt. It will help you to keep your valuable items more secure. Some cities have higher possibility to loss your wallets, necklaces and even phones. Don’t forget to carry secret belt when you travel cities which have higher limit of robberies.

Waterproof pouch
Although your traveling place is a dry area remember to keep a Waterproof pouch in your traveling bag. It will be helpful at rainy weather. When choosing the pouch choose a little larger one which have enough space to put your all the valuable items such as phones, cameras and watches.

Portable safe bag (Safe wallet)
This is a some kind of wallet bigger than normal pocket wallet. Specially produced to keep valuable document such as passport, identity card, bank and license card securely. You can lock and keep it in your hotel room. This way you don’t have to carry your valuables with you everywhere you go. Release your mind and enjoy the freedom.

Go-pro Hero
Now a days, there are so many fun and easy items in the market. Among them cameras play an vital role. Go pro is a some kind of action camera that gives you unforgettable memories through capturing all of your functions while traveling. Still if you don’t have Go pro, now is the time to jump in.

Bluetooth Speaker
It doesn’t matter wherever you, enjoy your favorite music with these amazing gadgets. It is easy to carry, No need much space. There are various range of product type. Mainly comes with 15 hours of play time and water proof cover. Charging available with via USB port and enable quickly send your favorite music from your smartphone to this Bluetooth Speaker.

Solar Charger
This is better who might to spend long time away from power areas. Specially suitable for hikers, climbers and campers. This allow you to charge your devices via using sunrays. Compare to the portable charge, solar charger is expensive but very helpful in long term.