Make the best out of black friday 2019

Make the best out of black friday 2019

The countdown begins! -Await to grab your deals!

Black Friday 2019, the biggest shopping day is around the corner. Thus the official countdown begins. Since the holiday season is shorter this year, retailers are not wasting any more time on their Black Friday deals. Only it is meant to be the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. Hence, and it is one of the busiest shopping days each year. 

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday falls on the day right after Thanksgiving. So this year it will be on 29th November. However, the sales start to surf around during Thanksgiving week. Yet some retailers keep the deals in-store to be offered on the 29th, so it is always ideal to keep an eye on Black Friday 2019 deals. On the other hand, this year, the date is somewhat close to Christmas as it does not even have a month in between so that it gives you less online shopping time. 

However, for the past years, the final quarter of the year is considered to be the phase where the retailers make bulk sales. Hence it is the most significant time for the retailers.

What happens on Black Friday?

Usually, all the employers give their employees the day off as a part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. So eventually, this increases the potential number of shoppers. On the other hand, almost all the retailers in the country offer various sales. Further, the retailers do extend their operating hours on Black Friday. For instance, they do open early as midnight.

How did Black Friday Begin, and how did it become such a big shopping day?

Black Friday emerged in the United States of America. As Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November yearly, the following day is often treated as an unofficial holiday. Yet it is difficult to trace back how the day following Thanksgiving turned into Black Friday. However, it is believed that it happened in the late 19th century. That is because during the late 19th century, parades were a common event, and mostly they were sponsored by the stores. And at the end of those parades, Santa Claus shows up, symbolizing the official beginning of Christmas Season. Further those days, there was an unwritten rule kind of stating that the holiday shopping season did not start until after Thanksgiving, so the stores would not advertise any sales until Black Friday. 

As many people were off work the day after Thanksgiving, shops drop their prices for one day to start the season. So this is how the Black Friday, the first day of Christmas shopping began.  

Why is it called Black Friday?

So when looking in to find out why the Friday following Thanksgiving was called ‘Black Friday,’ different views were put out.

Firstly; people explained that it is called Black Friday because the retailers used the day’s huge receipts as an opportunity to ‘get in the black’ and become profitable for the year. The retailers would mark the losses in red and profits in black. On the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers would go into stores in search of offers and deals. Hence it was a hugely productive day for the retailers, so it was known as Black Friday.

Secondly the as per the researchers, the name ‘Black Friday’ came up because of the headache and pain it brought to the police officers, cab drivers, and the people who wanted to negotiate the city streets. It was a day where a huge volume of shoppers rushed into the streets, creating traffic accidents and even violence. For instance, in 2016, three people were shot in three different malls, and in 2017, five people got injured in Black Friday violence. Yet again for these reasons, it was called ‘Black Friday.’

Will Black Friday 2019 bring a different experience this year?

It is predicted that Black Friday 2019 would continue the trend of 2018, where discounts were on the items you wanted to buy rather than just offering discounts. Furthermore, there are plenty of rumors that there will be fierce competition between Amazon, Walmart, B&H Photo, and Best Buy like last year.

Precisely shoppers are expecting offers on big-ticket items like 4KTVs with HDR support, which was an expensive item. Further, the expectation is high on Apple products, such as iPads, which was a big hit last year. Making it more exciting with the launch of new AirPods this year, shoppers are eagerly waiting for offers on older models of AirPods. 

Further Laptops, iPhones, and Android smartphones are expected to be at their lowest level in 2019.

How to get the best out of Black Friday deals in 2019?

To get the best deals, shoppers need to do their homework well. There are instances where some retailers may high up their prices from August throughout October so that they can pretend to offer discounts on Black Friday. Further, when making purchases online, the images might not represent the exact product quality. Hence the shoppers need to be more vigilant. 

It is ideal to keep an eye on headphone deals and Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals and gaming deals. However, TVs and Laptops get steepest price cuts.

When do the Ads be released?

Here the shoppers have to be crucial about the ads being released. Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Target ads are leaked in October or early November. These leaks are usually through PDFs and also through major US newspapers, sometimes intentionally leaked by the retailer to get the consumers excited. However, at times, theses leaked ads are considered to be fake. Hence, shoppers need to be more cautious. As there is a common saying as ‘Buyers Beware.’

Yet these ads are the first sign of price drops, and it gives an idea for the shoppers on what to buy and what not to buy. It also helps with deciding how much to spend and where to shop.

So it can be concluded as Black Friday 2019 is the best time of the year to shop and save a lot of money if you know what to buy and where to shop.

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