Weight loss diet plan for women

Weight loss diet plan for women

Women are the most amazing creature God made. Generally, women care  more about foods than men. The problem is ,there is no proper way to get health advices, meal and snack ideas for  the women. Therefore they follow their own diet plans that make long term physical diseases.

In this diet plan we mainly focus on daily requirement of protein, calcium, carbohydrates and fats. This meal olan for weight loss includes all kinds of satisfying, hunger curbing foods like sweet potatoes, nuts, sweet chili sauce, vegetable soups that can help you not only weight loss but also feel your very best.

This diet plan is designed to help you start eating nutritious, balanced foods.  Instead of focusing on a day-to-day calorie restriction approach, the plan prioritizes clean eating, macro balance, fiber rich foods, hydration, and portions that support the healthy weight of a normal working woman.

In other words, the included foods, snacks and water should give you satisfaction and strength.  Also, if you eat more than your body needs, a healthy balance should allow your clothes to fit a little bette. follow this diet plan and you will slim down fast and this offer many health benefits in short term as same as long term. Eat well, lose weight and feel full with our amazing healthy diet plan. This Help you to feel great while cutting calories.


Breakfast- Wholegrain breakfast cereal(60g) with low fat yogurt (90g)

Snack – Coffee (150ml)

Lunch-  twoSandwich with salad and tuna

Snack –  01 apple



Breakfast–  2Slice whole whea toast, egg omelet

Snack – 1 kiwi

Lunch- Slow cooked vegetable Soup

Snack – 70g cheddar

Dinner- Simple chicken cacciatore


Breakfast- Vegetable Herb- avocado omelet

Snack –  Non fat greek yogurt

Lunch- High protein green oats

Snack – Sliced Cucumber

Dinner- Roasted Tuna with Vegetables


Breakfast- Avocado Egg toast

Snack – Hard boiled egg

Lunch- Avocado and cucumber nani rolls

Snack – 1Apple abd piece of Dark chocolate

Dinner- Brown rice with grilled chicKen


Breakfast- oatmeal blueberry pancakes

Snack –  One banana

Lunch- Tuna hummus Sandwich

Snack – Cup of baby carrots

Dinner-   Roasted chicken with vegetables


Breakfast-  fiber cereal 120g with Egg omelet

Snack – VeggAnd hummus sandwich

Lunch- Vegetable soup

Snack –  1Green apple

Dinner- chicken spinach salad


Breakfast- Blueberry and babana mix oats

Snack – 75g nuts

Lunch-  Tuna salad with vegetables

Snack – Avocado juice

Dinner- 50g sweet potato with 100g grilled chicKen

Here are the some tips for women to  loss weight fast.

  • Choose high protein food for breakfast
  • Drink tea, coffep
  • Reduce high sugar drink usage
  • Use unprocesed food.
  • Daily add fiber foods to the meal

You can make adjustment based on you preference and own personal needs. But don’t forget to the balance daily food requirement.