The Diet Plan for Men That Will Get You Lean in 4 Weeks

The Diet Plan for Men That Will Get You Lean in 4 Weeks

There are thousands of ways to weight loss. But it is a challenge, select the best way for that. Specially men face unique challenges when they try to become slim. Men have more muscles than women and because of this they need more calories to spend each day.  Don’t worry any more, Get the best advices and receive the benefits of weight loss with healthy diet plan. So you need to keep an eye on what you are eating at all day.

This Four- week fat loss diet plan design to ensure that you are getting all the nutrition, energy and other requirement to support your healthy life

In this diet plan, we have included meat, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, low -Ft dairy foods, lean proteins and healthy fats that help you to build muscles and burn fat fast. Mainly focus on complete proteins and they provide all essential amino acids to the body. Soya, chia seeds, flax seeds, black beans and peanuts are also example of complete protein foods. In addition to that selecting the foods with full of fiber will keep you feeling full as well as providing the essential vital nutrients and antioxidants. Definitely it will help you to feel full and satisfied. 


Choose the right food at right time and Eat three squares and two snacks per day. Try to fill up on fiber more and more. Fiber is the best food that you can eat when you try to loss weight.  It is the secret of improving long term health prospects.  Another thing for weight loss is  reduce the unhealthy carbohydrates while saving the enough portion for daily function.


Breakfast- 50g oats with 300ml skimmed milk

Snack – plain Greek yogurt

Lunch- Chicken salad sandwich on wholemeal bread and one banana

Snack – Nutrition Bar 40g

Dinner- 100g Brown Rice with 100g barbecue chicken kebab


Breakfast–  Cup of cereal and tuna sandwich

Snack – veggie soup(one cup 180ml)

Lunch- Grilled Cheese sandwich and 01 egg omelet, 01 Apple

Snack – Roasted sweet  Potatoes 50g

Dinner- salmon with mixed vegetable Quinoa 200g


Breakfast- peanut butter(50g) and banana sandwich

Snack –  Cup of blueberries(180ml)

Lunch- chicken pizza with roasted vegies (200g)

Snack – 01 apple

Dinner- Garlic chicken 150g and with salt and peper


Breakfast- strawberry oatmeal 50g 300ml skimmed milk

Snack – vanilla  yogurt

Lunch- salmon burger with one banana

Snack – 1 cup of baby carrot

Dinner- 100g Brown Rice with spicy chicken sausage (2)


Breakfast- oatmeal blueberry pancakes

Snack – – plain Greek yogurt

Lunch- chicken or turkey chili rice bowl

Snack – pop corn 50g

Dinner- Steak and potatoes


Breakfast- 2 hardboiled egg with 100g banana

Snack – 180ml low-fat milk

Lunch- Tuna salad sandwich on wholemeal bread and 30g peanuts.

Snack – French fries 75g

Dinner- 100g chicken with avocado salad


Breakfast- fiber cold cereal 100g with 01 omelet

Snack – plain Greek yogurt

Lunch-  roast beef and swiss on whole-grain bread

Snack – 100g seeds


This diet plan maintains daily total requirement of Calories around 1800, protein around 130g, carbs around 200g and fat 35g.

Alternatively, here we have mentioned some of the best weight lost food which can be use as substitution for the snack.

  • Nuts such as cashew and almonds that monounsaturated fats
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Chopped veggie sticks with hummus that provide healthy fats
  • Dairy product with low-fat (Not recommend high calorie or artificial drinks )
  • Nutrition Bars with high protein
  • Peanut crackers with butter
  • Low-calorie, protein-packed snack bars 

Take the few photos in first week and after four week, experience the difference by yourself.

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